WrestleZone Training Academy - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

April 05, 2021

Where does training take place?

Our dedicated training facility is located in central Aberdeen, down by Aberdeen Harbour in the Footdee area. It is a short 15-minute walk away from Aberdeen’s bus and train stations, less than a mile. Full details will be provided if your application is accepted.

How much does training cost?

Training fees for both youth and full classes are currently priced at £35 per calendar month, payable in-advance. Additional guest seminars, when available, will be subject to an additional one-off charge per event.

How old do you need to be?

Our youth classes are available to anyone aged 14 and 15.

Our full training programme is available to anyone aged 16 and over.

There is no upper age limit - many new students have been in their 30s when they first signed up.

Is training available to any gender?

Yes – all classes/sessions will be mixed, unless any specific circumstances dictate otherwise.

When do training sessions take place?

As we look to reopen following the 2020-21 lockdown period, and until we learn more about any potential ongoing COVID restrictions, our weekly training schedule has not yet been set (as of April 5th 2021).

Previously, when we returned to training in between lockdown periods, sessions were held on Monday to Friday evenings between 6.30 pm and 9 pm. This included time for pre- and post-session equipment/area cleaning, with everyone attending expected to help with that. Students were assigned to at least one of those nightly sessions each week.

Upon reopening, there may be sessions added during weekends, depending on the level of demand and the availability of our wrestling coaches.

What will I learn?

Every new student starts off with a four-week induction period to allow you to become familiar with our training setup, and this also acts as an evaluation to help determine if pro-wrestling is the right thing for you. 

The induction will focus on fitness and cardio work, rolling and bumping, ring awareness and positioning, and the basics of pro-wrestling technique including grappling and striking. Our primary focus, at all times, will be physical safety and body control. There will also be time to work on various character aspects and verbal skills.

Following the induction period, all the aspects covered during it will continue to be looked at and expanded on. Your training will develop at your own pace, some students take to certain things very quickly while others require more time and effort. No one will be rushed into anything that they feel uncomfortable with, although stepping up and at least making an attempt will the best way to improve.

What happens if I am unable to attend a session?

Attendance during all of the initial induction period is very important, and following that, the commitment to attend regularly will be necessary for your training to progress. However, we understand that work or family life will have to take precedence at times, and we only ask that you keep us notified as a courtesy.

I am over/underweight – is this right for me?

There are no restrictions when it comes to body type/size, but having a decent level of physical fitness will be vital for progression. Being in good cardiovascular shape is a tremendous benefit, as is having good physical strength, but these aspects can be worked on in your own time as you progress with your training. Finding the correct training and fitness set-up to suit you is a crucial early step. A good diet and exercise regime will go a long way, especially when coupled with a steady gym routine.

What equipment will I need?

Standard exercise attire (t-shirt/vest, shorts/bottoms, trainers) will be fine. You will be expected to bring a change of footwear (clean and suitable for indoor use), a change of t-shirt, deodorant/anti-perspirant, water and a towel to each session. Good personal hygiene will be expected as a courtesy to others. Elbow and knee pads will be required for some activities, with brands like Trace, McDavid and Rucanor being recommended.

Will there be the opportunity to help out at live events?

Yes, for those aged 16 and over. Once students have been training for a while they are invited to be part of ring crew duties, event staffing, and promotional activities. This is viewed as an important step in your training journey, with you being seen to be trustworthy and reliable by all involved with WZ.

Does training with WZ mean I will be guaranteed to wrestle at the live events?

No, there are no guarantees in that regard upon beginning your training. Every student is different, and some may not reach a level where appearing on live events would be appropriate.

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