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    Think you can make it in the Zone? Then the WrestleZone Training Academy is the place for you!

    The WrestleZone Training Academy is located in Aberdeen, Scotland, near to Aberdeen Beach and Footdee. New students are always welcome to join us as they begin their journey into the world of pro-wrestling.

    Applications are now open to anyone who wishes to become part of north-east Scotland's premier wrestling promotion. Whether your goals are for fitness, fun, just as a hobby, or to climb as high up the wrestling ladder as possible, we can help you take the first steps towards achieving those.

    We currently offer:

    Full weekly pro-wrestling training classes for anyone aged 16+

    A weekly youth pro-wrestling class for anyone aged 14 and 15

    Want to know more about our facilities? Take a short 'tour' by clicking HERE.

    People of all genders are welcome, with no previous experience necessary, only the willingness, commitment and dedication to improve your fitness and skills as you progress with your training.

    Membership fees are only £35 p.c.m.

    The Academy gives students the opportunity to discover the fundamentals of professional wrestling, providing you with all the skills, knowledge and tools to be a successful WrestleZone star.

    Training will focus on:

    - Physical safety and body control

    - Fitness and cardio work

    - Rolling and bumping

    - Ring awareness and positioning

    - Fundamental pro-wrestling techniques, including grappling and striking

    - Character and verbal skills

    Training is delivered by experienced coaches from the regular WrestleZone roster, including Scotty Swift and Bryan Tucker. Most of our regular WZ talent pool took their first steps in wrestling via the Academy, including Crusher Craib, Aspen Faith, Mr P, Zach Dynamite, Caleb Valhalla and many more.

    Want to give it a go? Apply today for a place in our training induction programme - click HERE to complete our online application survey.

    If you have any further questions, please check out our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) by clicking HERE.

    To get in touch, visit the 'CONTACT' section of this site, send an email to WRESTLEZONE@LIVE.COM, or message us via our Facebook page. Be sure to ‘Like’ & ‘Follow’ us on Facebook for all Academy news and updates:

    fb-icon.png @wztrainingacademy