• Regal Rumble 2019

    Saturday 16th March - Northern Hotel, Aberdeen

    VIP Ticket Holder Match: Chris Archer def. Ryan Riley

    Tag Team Titles Match: Kings Of Catch V Scotty Swift & Johnny Lions V William Sterling & Blue Thunder Ended In A No-Contest

    Loser Eats Soap: Andy Wild def. Alan Sterling

    Crusher Craib def. Grado

    Zach Dynamite & Jason Reed def. Damien & Mr P

    Rudo Lightning Won the 2019 Regal Rumble

    Undisputed Title Match: Rudo Lightning def. Damien to win the title

  • Live! in Peterhead 2019

    Saturday 23rd February - Palace Hotel, Peterhead

    Chris Archer def. Dino Del Monte

    William Sterling def. Kaden Garrick

    Tri-Counties Title Match: Mr P def. Ryan Riley to retain

    Scotty Swift def. Blue Thunder By DQ

    Ted O’ Keefe def. Mikkey Vago

    Damien & Shawn Johnson def. Zach Dynamite & Bradley Evans

  • Montrose 2019

    Saturday 9th February - Montrose Town Hall

    VIP Ticket Holder Match: Ted O’ Keefe def. Chris Archer

    William Sterling & Blue Thunder def. Scotty Swift & Johnny Lions

    Jason Reed def. Shawn Johnson By DQ

    Fatal 4-Way For Tri-Counties Title: Mr P def. Bradley Evans, Crusher Craib & Ryan Riley to retain

    Handicap Match: Alan Sterling & Caleb Valhalla def. Andy Wild

    Mikkey Vago def. Dino Del Monte

    WrestleZone Undisputed Title Match: Damien def. Zach Dynamite to retain