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10th August 2013- Northern Hotel, Aberdeen

WrestleZone would return to the Northern Hotel, Aberdeen, with American superstar Jay Lethal bringing the action to a sold-out crowd on an incredible night of pro-wrestling.

In the night’s main event, he would team with Granite City favourite Scotty Swift to take on the current tag team champions, Team S.M.A.S.H, for the gold. This promised to be a huge night of action.

Our second main event would see Crusher Craib defend the Undisputed Championship against Sterling Oil chief Richard R. Russell, while the Battle of the Nations match would see Zach Dynamite stand-up for Scottish pride against England’s Dave Rayne.

It promised to be a huge night of action, with every match being pivotal to each grappler’s progression in the WrestleZone. It would all get underway with a singles contest between two old


This match came about after a spat on a recent edition of the WrestleZone podcast, as it came to host Chris McDonald’s attention that ‘Wonderful’ William has never beaten Shawn Johnson in singles competition. A challenge was made, and accepted, and the fight was on at a packed Northern Hotel.

Looking to get an early advantage, the Sterling Oil brother would attack Shawn before the bell, but the Hotshot was ready and he turned the tables on his opponent.

But the input of Mr. Malice at ringside would allow William to take control of his smaller opponent, and he looked to punish Johnson and finally score a victory over the fan favourite.

But no matter what Sterling tried, he could not put Johnson away and eventually Shawn would come roaring back into the bout with the support of the fans. He had a chance to win it with a double-foot stomp, but Mr. Malice would thwart his attempts, allowing William to hit a muscle buster – but it still wasn’t enough!

Frustrated, ‘Wonderful’ William went for a wild swing only for Johnson to counter with a roll-up for the three-count! The streak continues for Shawn Johnson with his perfect score in singles competition continuing. ‘Wonderful’ William was incredulous after this one having failed to end his duck!


New outcast Chris Archer would team with his mentor Brian Starr to take on the “Tangerine Dream Team” Los Cystos in tag team action in our next contest. It was clear Archer still has a lot to learn as the Cystos managed to make fun of his beard throughout this contest, and in traditional Orange style, they would take Starr and Archer for a ride here!

But with the bullying force of Starr, Archer now has back-up and the duo managed to isolated Cysto #1 from his corner. As a new pairing, the Outcasts did get on quite well in this bout, until Cysto #1 was able to avoid a double-team manoeuvre and made the tag to Cysto #2.

With a fire behind him, the fresh man came in and went to work on both Starr and Archer. He knocked them from pillar-to-post, with the Outcasts struggling to stay in contention.

But once Starr and Archer managed to recover, Cysto #2 was left alone with the Outcasts, and they hit a spectacular combination to gain the victory and complete a great weekend of action! Archer’s new attitude appears to be paying dividends, thanks in a large part to the influence of the “Forgotten Son”.


Our first main event of the evening was a match six months in the making! Last December, Richard R. Russell picked up a victory over Crusher Craib by reverse decision, but how would the Sterling Oil chief get on inside the squared circle this time?

Firstly, Russell resorted to his number one game plan, and decided to get out his chequebook! Promising to lay-down for Crusher Craib, Russell explained the mutually-beneficial outcome would be best for all concerned!

Crusher, after some pondering, did not agree and dropped a big elbow across Russell’s chest, driving the wind out of him. Enter Sterling Oil and Malice, who Crusher fought off before knocking Russell’s teeth out of his mouth with a Big Boot.

But Crusher was not done! A Black Hole Slam drilled the remaining wind out of the Sterling Oil chief, but Crusher was not finished. He put the exclamation point on this dominating display with a Tombstone Piledriver for the three-count.

Richard R. Russell was left motionless in the ring, as Crusher finally settled the score with the man who tried to ruin it all! In scenes reminiscent from December, Sterling Oil rescued their prone leader, with severe concern for his condition as they took him backstage on a stretcher.

At Battle of the Nations, Richard R. Russell’s years of running his mouth finally caught up with him, and given the ending to this one, Russell will not dare to mess in Crusher’s business ever again.


Our first match back after intermission would have national pride on the line as young Zach Dynamite would take-on the England’s Dave Rayne. Having previously picked up the crown two years ago but failing to retain in 2012, the Manchester grappler had victory in mind in this one.

Clearly, “Fully Loaded” is an incredible competitor as he brings excitement to all his matches. But throughout this bout, the war games were played out as Dave Rayne looked to slow this contest down. On several occasions it looked like Zach was on the brink of retaliation, but Rayne recovered, growing increasingly frustrated every time!

And in the end, this frustration allowed “Fully Loaded” back into the match and fighting for Scotland, the fans were firmly on his side! But this one would take an unfortunate turn as referee Mikey Innes was knocked out in the middle of this brawl!

As the action spilled to the outside, our ringside mascot Grapple the Gorilla was thrown into the ring by Rayne in a furious rage! As the non-competitor cowered, Zach tried to prevent Rayne taking matters to the extreme. But instead, in one of the most shocking events ever witnessed in the WrestleZone, Grapple would attack Dynamite and allow Rayne to win and win the Battle of the Nations match for England!

In the aftermath of this, the crowd were completely stunned – until Grapple removed his mascot head to reveal he was not a mascot, but Damien! Having spent the day mingling with the fans, Damien revealed his true colours in the most dastardly act ever seen in the Northern Hotel! What is for sure, Zach will be gunning for payback, while Damien will feel that he has firmly messed with Dynamite’s mind!


Our next bout would see one Alan Sterling return to ringside for a bout with fan favourite Bryan Tucker. The Granite City Hotshot was clear in his intentions here, as he made sure Sterling was frustrated with the “you tapped out” chants ringing in his ears, following on from his altercation with Ross McTavish in June.

But Sterling made sure to take the initiative over Tucker, and he began to ground down the underdog. But with the fans behind him, Tucker tried to fight back and he tried for the Boston Crab, only to be shoved into the turnbuckle, crippling his back and shoulders.

‘Adorable’ Alan sensed victory and looked for his Flying Splash, but Tucker moved and made his move! Sensing victory, the fan favourite had a chance to win but Sterling managed to stop the momentum. Alan set-up for a spear, only for Tucker to avoid it and finally lock on the Boston Crab!

The Sterling brother scrambled for the rope as he did before – but Tucker dragged him back into the middle and Alan Sterling tapped out…again! The fans went wild as they chanted at ‘Adorable’ Alan, while the momentum was certainly with the Hotshots as they picked up wins over both Sterling brothers on Saturday.


WrestleZone management’s Dave Paterson announced that after fan feedback following “Aberdeen Anarchy”, the decision has been made to return to the Beach Ballroom on May 10th, 2014! Mr. Paterson has been in negotiations with two former WWE stars, with tickets set to go on sale in September.

Before the management representative could finish, he was interrupted by Johnny Lions. The “Tenacious One” wore an angry expression, and over the next five minutes, Lions vented about the obstacles that have been placed in front of him, and the apparent disrespect he feels from management.

Lions grew increasingly irate as Mr. Paterson tried to explain, but Lions was having none of it. As the “Tenacious One”, who had lost to Crusher Craib the previous night in his Undisputed Championship rematch, began to lose his head, something incredible happened.

As Mr. Paterson stood up to his employee, Lions knocked the boss off his feet, and began giving him a beating that reverberated around the hotel. As security tried to intervene, Lions took off his belt and began to whip him repeatedly.

Lions then turned into a madman as he put the belt across his neck and tried to choke him, only for Shawn Johnson and Bryan Tucker to come to Mr. Paterson’s aide. Lions retreated but he looked absolutely out of his mind!

As staff attended to Mr. Paterson, it was clear he was in a lot of discomfort, with the damage of the belt whips clear around his neck! This was an absolute disgrace and we are only reporting this to update you on Mr. Paterson’s condition. He was taken to a local medical facility and at last word was making a speedy recovery.

WrestleZone would like to apologise for the actions of Johnny Lions and reiterate that action will be taken. We are sorry for any distress caused and will pass on all your well-wishes to Mr. Paterson, who hopes to return to duty as soon as possible.


After that unfortunate incident, what better way to finish off the night!? The illustrious Jay Lethal would make his WrestleZone debut, teaming with hometown hero Scotty Swift to take on the new tag team champions, Team S.M.A.S.H for the gold.

As Aspen Faith and James Midas made their way to the ring, it was clear they had their game faces on for the biggest match of their tag team careers.

But as the action got underway, it was the “Red-Haired Warrior” and Lethal who made headway against their opponent. Both Swift and Lethal impressed as they had great chemistry in the ring to battle both Faith and Midas.

Indeed, even when the “Toast of Dundee” slipped in a sneaky knee to the back, it was only a brief rest from the barrage of Lethal, who made a huge impression on this Northern Hotel crowd when he dived out of the ring onto Midas!

Back in the ring, Scotty Swift went to war with Aspen Faith. The “Hippie Horror” has a score to settle with Swift having been eliminated from the Regal Rumble in a record three seconds earlier in the year, and it was clear he was out to punish the fan favourite.

As the minutes tore on, Swift was isolated from his corner man, and Midas and Faith threw everything they could at the “Red-Haired Warrior”. But everyone knows there is no quit in Scotty Swift, and eventually he was able to make the tag!

Lethal came in and fired off on both members of Team S.M.A.S.H, sending both men flying with a great display of offence. Swift too joined in the action, with the action spilling all over the ring. At one point all four men were down in the ring, but both teams battled to their feet to continue!

From there, Swift and Lethal took the initiative and looked to have the match won after hitting the Granite City Driver and a Macho Man elbow drop! But “Black Machismo” watched as the referee was interrupted by James Midas in the outside.

The fan favourites tried again, but as Jay stood on the top rope, he was crotched on the top rope! It seemed like Team S. M.A.S.H had victory in sight as they attempted to double-team Jay, only for the New Jersey native to move and Faith knocked Midas out!

A quick shuffle and Lethal snatched a schoolboy on Aspen Faith for the one….two….and three! The Northern Hotel exploded with joy as the bell rang, with NEW tag team champions crowned in the WrestleZone!

After three long years without gold, Scotty Swift has now picked up a championship with a little help from a “Lethal Injection”! As Team S.M.A.S.H retreated, they could not believe they had been beaten!

But as everyone who witnessed this incredible bout, Swift and Lethal were the worthy winners here as they demonstrated their amazing athleticism to a sold-out crowd! No doubt the future is very
bright, and this one night in the Northern Hotel will not be forgotten for a very long time!


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