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20th August 2011- Northern Hotel

Oh what a night at the Northern Hotel! WrestleZone's latest event was a stormer, with the debut of International Wrestling Superstar Colt Cabana at the top of the agenda!

The former NWA and Ring of Honor champion showed the Northern Hotel why he is one of the most entertaining grapplers on the planet, but along with WrestleZone favourite Bryan Tucker, could the Chicago native win the gold?

Elsewhere, WrestleZone champion Damien stepped into the Northern Hotel with extreme trepidation, as he faced not one but two challengers. The first, Johnny Lions, believes that he is destined to win the sport's prize, and aimed to make Saturday his night. While for second challenger Zach Dynamite, this unforeseen dream opportunity was one he aimed to take with two hands! Which one of the three would triumph in the titanic triple threat?

Also, "Red-Haired Warrior" Scotty Swift was fighting for Scottish pride when he took on the current Futureshock Champion, and representative of England, Dave Rayne. Could Swift gain the victory here, or would Rayne return across the border with the bragging rights for his country?

This was one of the biggest cards in WrestleZone history, however the main talking point came from the opening contest.

Shawn Johnson vs. Crusher Craib

The streak is over! After three years of dominance in the WrestleZone, one man has managed to stop the monstrous Crusher Craib! Aberdeen lad Shawn Johnson caused a sensation on Saturday night, when he picked up the three-count over the "Creator of Carnage".

For three years, the challengers have come-and-gone but the result has always been the same, which makes Johnson's feat all-the-more remarkable! The WrestleZone was hyped as Johnson hit a Victory Roll for the three-count which shatters Crusher's winning streak.

The WrestleZone has certainly been shaken up by this upset, but what is for sure this is only going to add further fuel to the rivalry between these two. Johnson's elimination of Craib at June's Regal Rumble was the platform to victory here, and it is clear that Johnson has been able to challenge Craib like no-one else before him.

Johnson's win ensures he will go down in history as the man who stopped Crusher Craib. As the smallest grappler in the promotion, no-one could have foreseen this happening, but Johnson used his core skills to evade the high-impact offence of Craib, and then he was in a position to strike quick when the opportunity presented. For this result alone, 2011 is going to be known as the year Johnson stopped the Crusher in his tracks!

Cysto 2 vs. James Midas

Our next contest features two grapplers intent on making an impression and continuing to climb the ladder after recent disappointment. Something had to give in this one.

Los Cystos offence is always unconventional, but also innovative. Midas is a man who likes to mat wrestle, but in the early stages it was Cysto 2 who showed an amazing aptitude as he went toe-to-toe with the "Toast of Dundee".

Frustration saw Midas take control in this one and begin to work on the arm of Cysto 2. But the spirit of the Cystos lit up the Northern Hotel, and Cysto 2 battled back with some big impact offence. However, Midas in desperation once again went after the arm, and he managed to lock in a Fujiwara Armbar.

Despite a brave attempt to make the ropes, Cysto was isolated and submitted to hand Midas the win he has been craving. The onus will now be on Midas to build on this success as he attempts to climb the WrestleZone ladder.

International Challenge Match: Scotty Swift (Scotland) vs. Dave Rayne (England)

Scotty Swift was fighting for a nation as he took on a man with an impressive resume, England's Dave Rayne. The current Futureshock Champion accepted this match in order to win back English supremacy over the "Jocks" after Swift beat England's Rob Cage at last year's event. The "Red-Haired Warrior" looked a calm competitor as he marched into the Northern Hotel intent on claiming the victory for Scotland.

Despite his impressive record, Rayne quickly realised that Scotty had the measure of him in this one. After Swift matched him early on, Rayne was quick to cheat to gain the advantage, and then he took the opportunity to methodically pick apart Swift's torso.

But the "Red-Haired Warrior" kept in this one, despite the overbearing dominance of the Englishman. Eventually, Swift was able to switch the momentum, and with the support of the crowd, it was clear Scotland were the favourite for victory!

That was until a fateful shot from Rayne would break the hearts of the Scots! As Swift charged Rayne in the corner, Rayne used what looked like a spanner to almost knock-out Swift, and he followed it up with a Choke Pedigree for the shocking three-count! The Northern Hotel was stunned as Scotty had not just lost, but the manner of the defeat left a sour taste in the mouth. Dave Rayne's card has now been marked and the next time he steps foot inside the WrestleZone, I'm sure Scotland will be ready for his antics!

Undisputed Championship: Damien w/Richard R. Russell vs. Zach Dynamite V Johnny Lions

This Triple Threat match had it all - but it was clear who the Northern Hotel wanted to win. Zach Dynamite made an incredible impression on the WrestleZone as he took on two of Scotland's top grapplers. He was not just able to hang with Damien and Lyons, he could well have made his wildest dreams come true and become the champion!

Dynamite was on fire, and as such Lions and Damien had to combine to keep the youngster down. The action came thick-and-fast and each man gave their all in this one. Dynamite's high risk offence almost gave him the victory - however Damien and Lions combined to drop the youngster on his face as the action spilled out to ringside.

But neither man could then put Dynamite away, and the kid kept coming back! Near the end, as Dynamite was rallying, he was able to knock Damien out of the way but was caught from behind by Lions with his Lion Driver. But quick-as-a-flash Damien superkicked Lions and then covered Dynamite for the win! Lions could rightly claim that Damien stole the win from him, while Dynamite proved that he has what it takes to be a key player in the WrestleZone. But Damien remains the WrestleZone Champion, despite one hell of a challenge here!

Battle Royale 

The Northern Hotel lit up as the WrestleZone grapplers returned for a Battle Royale. Craib and Johnson continued afters from their match as Crusher eliminated Johnson and then followed him out to continue the beat-down, while Swift and Rayne continued their rivalry, with Scotty dumped by the Englishman.

In the end, it came down to Dynamite and Rayne, and having just gone through a gruelling match, it was clear the Englishman was the fresher man. But Zach rallied and was able to miss a charge by Rayne, and his momentum carried him over-the-top. Dynamite can take some heart from this victory even if he was unsuccessful in his championship bout.

WrestleZone Tag Team Championships : Sterling Oil w/Richard R. Russell vs. Colt Cabana & Bryan Tucker

The big fight feel filled the Northern Hotel with great anticipation of seeing American wrestling star "Boom Boom" Colt Cabana in action. Oil's chief financial officer Richard R. Russell had words for Cabana before this one, promising that Cabana would not ruin Sterling Oil's monopoly of the gold. However, the fans said different and as Tucker and Cabana made their way to ringside, it was clear who they were supporting!

Cabana is a grappler who entertains as well as gets the job done, and that was clear in the early stages as he toyed with the members of Sterling Oil who had accompanied William and Alan to ringside. When the action got started, Cabana and Tucker developed an understanding that had both William and Alan on the ropes.

As they looked to continue their dominance, Mr. Malice and Damien decided to get involved in the action - however this was caught by the referee who ejected them from ringside. With a fairer fight in store, Tucker went to work on Alan Sterling but Mr. Russell was there to cause the distraction that allowed Sterling Oil to take control of Tucker.

They isolated the "Rookie Sensation" from Cabana, and began to work on his back with a series of high impact moves. But Tucker's spirit - spurred on by Cabana's words of support - would prove critical in this one! Eventually after an Enziguri, Tucker made the tag and "Boom Boom" was in!

Cabana began rocking both William and Alan, rounding on them with his innovative offence. It was clear Cabana is one of the best grapplers on the planet and William and Alan were struggling to save their tag titles in this one, with Mr. Russell helplessly looking on!

However, this one would take a fateful turn as the referee was caught up between Colt and Alan with Cabana missing a charge in the corner but Alan taking out the referee! With no referee, Cabana had the match won but no-one to count the fall. As Colt tried to revive the referee, cue the return to ringside of Mr. Malice and Damien - who delivered a superkick to the jaw of Cabana that sent him tumbling to the mat.

As Mr. Russell revived the referee, it seemed we had seen another Sterling Oil screw job but sensationally, Cabana kicked out! With the ref still recovering, Damien looked to kick him again, but this time Cabana was wise to the attack and moved, with Damien catching Mr. Malice. Damien was dumped outside and with Tucker having somewhat recovered in the corner, Colt made the tag to the 2011 Regal Rumble winner.

Tucker and Cabana then combined with Colt hoisting Bryan to an incredible height on his shoulders. The "Rookie Sensation" then jumped off and caught Alan with his Boom Buster that would have gained the fall had William Sterling not pulled the referee out of the ring.

At this point it was clear that Cabana had had enough of Sterling Oil's antics and he battled with William Sterling on the outside. As this was happening, Tucker seemed to have the advantage, but he was caught by Alan Sterling who regained control.

Then William Sterling managed to run Cabana into the ringpost on the outside, a fact that was missed by the referee but would surely merit a disqualification. This allowed Sterling Oil the chance to hit the Oil Crash on Tucker, and before Cabana realised what was happening, this gave Sterling Oil the three-count and they retained the tag titles.

The WrestleZone hated the outcome of this match, and it was clear so did Colt Cabana as he addressed the audience, he knew this was not what they wanted. Sterling Oil had already scarpered to the back, but Cabana went backstage and dragged the interfering Mr. Russell by his tie back to the ring.

The unsuspecting Mr. Russell begged for forgiveness but was popped by Tucker, before Cabana hit a "Flying Asshole" on Russell to send him packing. It was a measure of revenge for Colt for the match not turning out as planned.

Despite the disappointment, Colt Cabana thanked the WrestleZone fans for their incredible support during the bout. Although the result was not liked, the performance of Cabana and Tucker will be remembered for a long, long time. The Northern Hotel had seen a great performance from "Boom Boom" as he entertained their socks off, and it was a truly great night for the WrestleZone. For everyone in attendance, this was a night to remember, a night when Colt Cabana rocked the WrestleZone!!! BACK TO RESULTS PAGE

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